Shopping in Islamorada

Ocean Gardens

So I spent the afternoon shopping in Islamorada and I found a couple of really neat places that I wanted to share with you.

The first place is kind of an eclectic collection of artists and local craftspeople selling their wares and I really enjoyed shopping here.

The thing that got my attention and made me stop here is the giant sea creature that adorns the parking lot.

Apparently it is a spiny lobster and goes by the name Betty!

Giant Lobster Islamorada

The name of the store is the Rain Barrel and they carry all kinds of Keys gifts and memorabilia including awesome things from local artisans.

If you walk through the Rain Barrel, there is a whole another world out back with little shops and art galleries.

It is a very cool place to shop and one of my favorite places that I have found so far in South Florida.

Rain Barrel Islamorada


The pictures don’t really do it justice. You have to stop here to experience it.

You can’t miss it. It is right on route one in Islamorada and there is a giant lobster named Betty out front!

I made a few more stops, but most of them were your typical tourist traps that I would not recommend. There was one more however, that I absolutely loved.

It was called Ocean Gardens and like most other places in the Keys, it is right on US 1.

Ocean Gardens

Ocean Gardens is a little more high end than the Rain Barrel and I bumped into a few of the obnoxious Cheeca guests here, but I didn’t let it affect my awesome shopping experience.

I found shells from the local area and some really cool things from local artisans. The store has a nautical theme, which is appropriate as we are surrounded by water here in the keys.

I purchased this Lookdown Fish Metal Sculpture for my living room at home.

Steel Fish Art

I absolutely love it!

I would say that my day shopping in Islamorada was a success and I would recommend stopping at the Rain Barrel and at Ocean Gardens.

There are a lot of tourist traps to avoid and these two stores are worth stopping at.

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